2020 Peru Tour

Yale Symphony Orchestra

2020 Peru Tour

May 19-May 31


This year will take the Yale Symphony Orchestra to new heights - or at least new altitudes - as it makes its second tour to South America, visiting Lima, Cusco and Arequipa, Peru from May 19-May 31, 2020.

In addition to outstanding performances at some of the best concert halls in each city, the Yale Symphony will be giving workshops and Side-by-Side performances with young local musicians.

Our three concerts in Peru will feature new American music, works featuring two of our dedicated senior musicians, arrangements of Peruvian music, and a standard of the classical repertoire.

Missy Mazzoli Sinfonia (for Orbiting Spheres)
Ludwig van Beethoven Romance for Violin and Orchestra No. 2, Op. 50
  Vivian Mayers ’21, violin
Samuel Barber Canzonetta for Oboe and Strings
  Laura Michael, ’20, oboe
Chabuca Grande La flor de la canela
Anton Dvorak Symphony No. 8 in G minor, Op. 88
Clotidle Arias Huiracocha

Touring with a symphony orchestra is no small feat. The total cost of this tour will be more than $325,000. We have successfully raised most of that money, but we still have $30,000 to raise. Your generous donation, of any amount, will help us to achieve this goal and enable these students to participate in this exciting tour.

Every donation, in addition to being tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law, will be recognized on the YSO website and in the tour brochure.  We will hold a post-tour private reception in the Fall of 2020 for donors of the Tour where we’ll screen a short film about the trip to Peru.

Alumni will also receive personal and class credit for their next reunion.

You can make a donation by clicking the link, below:

Support the YSO’s Tour to Peru

We would like to thank the following people for their generous contributions:

Anonymous Ms. Melanie L. Lahti ’06
Anonymous Ms. Kathrin D. Lassila ’81
Anonymous Mr. Christopher L. Lin-Brande ’10
John A Baron MD ’67 Mrs. Maryanne  Lombardo
Mr. Richard S. Boswell James R. Meehan, Ph.D. ’71 B.S., ’72 M.S., ’74 M.Phil., ’76 Ph.D.
Ms. Karen D. Campe Mr. David Gerald Neway ’02
Mr. Michael A. Carrier ’91 Valerie Constance Norton, M.D. ’87
Jennifer Cast ’84 Ms. Sarah P. Payne ’98
Danica Chin ’99 Ms. Sarah Elizabeth Post ’04
Ms. Magda L. Cruz Dr. Daniel Rissi ’73
Mr. Robert J. Dembo ’81 Ms. Irene Mrose Rissi ’74
Dr. Reed Edward Drews, M.D. ’78 Mr. Jeremy Mrose Rissi ’99
Dr. Meenakshi G. Durham Ms. Jennifer Siegel ’90 B.A., ’94 M.A., ’94 M.Phil., ’98 Ph.D.
James M. Ford, M.D. ’84 B.A., ’89 M.D. Dr. Jeffrey Soulen ’80
Mr. Paul J. Gacek ’67 B.A., ’70 Mus Mr. Justin Daniel Stilwell ’09
Richard W. Hadsell, Ph.D. ’71 M.Phil., ’75 Ph.D. Mr. William McHenry Strom ’05
Mr. Christian I. Halabi Mr. Jacob Sweet ’18
Ms. Eva Marie Heater ’91 Mus. M. Mr. Glenn R. Thrope ’08
Dr. Michel T Jackson Ms. Meghan K. Titzer ’06
Mr. Benjamin C. Karp ’78 Dr. Avery  Tung
William L. Krinsky, M.D, Ph.D. ’67, ’71 Med, ’71 Grd Mr. David Adam Weinstein ’10
  Mr. Benjamin Yixing Xu ’04