2021 William Waite Concerto Competition

The Yale Symphony Orchestra 

2021 William Waite Concerto Competition


The Winner of the 2021 William Waite Concerto Competition will be given the opportunity to perform their concerto with the Yale Symphony Orchestra in the April 9, 2022 concert.


The competition is open to all Yale Undergraduate instrumentalists with priority given to YSO Members. Because of a backlog of performers waiting to perform due to COVID restrictions, only one winner will be awarded from this year’s competition. 

Competition Schedule and Rules:

The Competition will be held on Saturday, September 18th, 2021.

Applications must be submitted no later than September 4th at midnight

Applications will be assessed with a maximum of 24 proceeding to the live 1st Round. In the event the maximum number of audition places available is exceeded, priority will be given to YSO Members.

Please submit a short (max 10 mins) audition video to brian.s.robinson@yale.edu for consideration. 

Your audition video should be an unlisted YouTube video, and the direct link shared in your application. Other formats of videos (direct attachment, Vimeo, Google Drive or other cloud drive link) will not be considered.

When you e-mail your YouTube link please put “William Waite Concerto Competition Application” in the subject line, and provide the following information in the body of your e-mail: 


Class Year 


Cell Phone


Name of the work being performed


1st Round: 10am-3pm  

1st Round will be unaccompanied. Maximum playing time 10 minutes. Please select 3 passages from each of the work’s movements.

A maximum of 8 contestants will be selected to proceed to the 2nd Round

2nd Round: 4pm-6pm

2nd Round will be unaccompanied

Each contestant will be allowed 15 minutes maximum. 

A maximum of 3 contestants will be selected to proceed to the final round. The three finalists will be provided with an accompanist and allocated 30 minutes to prepare for the final 



A complete performance of the concerto. 


William Boughton – Chair, plus four adjudicators from a variety of instrument families 

Jury’s decision is final.