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For the past 50 years, the Yale Symphony Orchestra has brought music to the Yale community and the world stage driven by a dynamic and intrepid appreciation of tradition. From nuanced performances of classical repertoire, to eager ventures into new works, to the festivities of the beloved Halloween Show, the YSO integrates the energy, open-mindedness, and fine musicianship of its members to create an ensemble that celebrates classical repertoire and drives its evolution in a swiftly changing soundscape.

Your support enables the YSO to bring its youthful and refined sound to broader audiences, where the passion of the classical tradition resonates with the vibrancy of a changing world. Please consider a gift to the Yale Symphony Orchestra in support of it’s continued and permanent health.

The YSO Legacy

Since its inception in 1965, the Yale Symphony Orchestra has grown from a fledgling society of undergraduate musicians into a ninety piece orchestra that remains an innovative hub of music making. Over the decades, the YSO has redefined the boundaries placed upon collegiate orchestras in the musical landscape.

Highlights include pioneering multimedia performances of Stockhausen’s Anthems in 1972 and Scriabin’s Prometheus of Fire in 1969 and again in 2010, of which both garnered international attention. In 2013, the YSO became the first collegiate orchestra to be featured on Naxos label, collaborating with virtuoso pianist Idil Biret to record all of Hindemith’s piano concertos. We have been a flagship for new music, having given premieres of composers as notable a Leonard Bernstein, Claude Debussy, and Benjamin Britten and as new as Daniel Schlosberg, Nancy van de Vate, Timo Andres, and Ted Hearne.

The Yale Symphony offers the unique opportunity for great musicians to pursue the finest undergraduate education in the country and continue performing at a level one expects to find in conservatory. While a majority of our musicians are not music majors, the YSO has been a launching point for some amazing musical careers.  Many major symphony orchestras in the United States and around the world feature musicians from the Yale Symphony.

In the spirit of expanding musical frontiers, the Yale Symphony Orchestra has toured across the United States, Europe, and Asia multiple times, exchanging musical and cultural ideas with thousands. Season after season, the YSO seeks to provide students with unparalleled musical and social experiences, while pursuing loftier goals of musical growth and musical diplomacy. With the help of generous donors, we hope to extend this legacy forward, creating personal transformation and enabling musical innovation for decades to come.

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