How Your Donation Helps

All gifts, regardless of size, are incredibly valuable for the continuation of the YSO’s traditions and continued health. There are three kinds of giving - all of which are of great value to the orchestra.

1. Endowed Giving - A gift of $100,000 or more can be placed in a named fund, the yield of which the YSO can draw from in perpetuity.  Currently, endowed funds yield about 5% of their principal, meaning a gift of $100,000 will grant the YSO $5,000 a year.  Endowed gifts are incredibly valuable to the permanent and perpetual health of the orchestra.

2. Direct Gift - Any donation under $100,000 can be made available to the YSO immediately toward current projects.  These funds can still be placed in a dedicated fund account, whose balance will carry over from year-to-year.  Interest won’t accumulate, however.  Once the balance is spent, it is gone.  These gifts are very valuable for one-time funding of things like tours, special concerts, and events.

3. Material/Capital Gift - The YSO can also benefit from a donation of specific instruments (listed below) that the orchestra often needs.  Other material gifts, like a screen or projector for Halloween, allow us to avoid rental of stage equipment every year.


Examples of Projects Endowed or Direct Gifts would Benefit Include




Annual Touring $5,000,000 $250,000 (for a single tour)
Biannual Touring $2,500,000 $250,000 (for a single tour)
Triannual Touring $1,250,000 $250,000 (for a single tour)
Annual Special Guest Artist $1,000,000 $15,000 - $50,000
Annual New Work Commissioning by a Major Composer $500,000 $10,000 - $25,000
Halloween Show Production $200,000 $10,000
One Regular Season Concert Production $200,000 $10,000
Season Concert Posters and Poster Printing $100,000 $5,000
Post-Concert Receptions in the President’s Room $100,000 $5,000 - $6,500
William Waite Concerto Competition $50,000 $2,500 (for judges)
Annual YSO trip to hear New York Philharmonic $50,000 $2,500
YSO Commencement Concert Production $40,000 $2,000
Fund student lessons $30,000 per student $1,500 per student
YSO Undergraduate Composer Reading $20,000 $1,000 (for recording)
YSO Annual Start-of-Year Retreat $10,000 $500
YSO Senior Dinner $10,000 $500 - $750

These one-time gifts are also of extraordinary value to the YSO:

English Horn   Please contact us directly
Bass Clarinet   Please contact us directly
E-Flat Clarinet   Please contact us directly
Contrabassoon   Please contact us directly
Travel Celli (fiberglass for safer travel)   Please contact us directly
New projector screen for the YSO Halloween Show   ~$4,000
Digital projector for the YSO Halloween Show   $2,000 - $3,000
Fund the digitization of the Prof. William Bennett Sr. concert recording archives ~$40 per concert recording
Fund the digitization of the James Ross DAT concert recording archives   $500