From Phil Hirschi, YC ’73

I’m currently playing cello in several Seattle rock bands: St. John and the Revelations, Green Pajamas, Spandrel.

St. John is an up and coming singer-songwriter. He and I perform duo or with a full band. I get many cool chances to solo. He has connections to Peter Buck and other R.E.M. folks, so maybe that’ll help him break through to the other side.

Green Pajamas are a great psychedelic rock band started in the 80′s; I’ve been sitting in with them for a year or so. They have about 25 albums filled with terrific songs, no lie. Their lead guy Jeff Kelly just keeps writing deep dark rock songs with great, often literary, lyrics, and now he’s thinking cello.

Spandrel is my fusion experiment with a guitarist/buddy Spencer Smith, all original instrumentals, many odd meters and loud dissonance. In other words, very Mahavishnu-influenced. (I played in John McLaughlin’s Mahavishnu Orchestra 2.0 in 1974-75, the one with Jean-Luc Ponty on violin and Narada on drums. I was in grad school at Rutgers, and John called me and asked if I wanted to join his world famous group. I said, when do we start? Never did get my PhD.)