Proposals Being Considered for the YSO 2017 Halloween Show!

Publication Date: 
Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Interested in writing or directing the 2017 Halloween Show?

The Yale Symphony Orchestra is excited to announce that pitches of a literary and/or directorial nature are now being accepted for the 2017 Halloween Show.

Since 1992, the Halloween Show has taken the format of a feature-length silent film accompanied by the Yale Symphony Orchestra. For 2017, We welcome pitches of any length. Don’t let length worry you; if you have an idea, please submit! The Halloween Show may have one long narrative, or any number of shorter ones. By extension, it is thus possible for the show to have multiple directors.

Innovation is welcome!

Pre-formed collaborations are welcome, as are solo proposals. At this point, we are accepting applications from prospective writers and/or directors only. A general call for production staff and video editors may be released at a later date at the discretion of YSO management and the show’s director(s).

We look forward to reading your creation. If you have any questions/comments/insults, please contact Morgan Jackson ( or YSO president Cindy Xue (

How to apply:

*Applications will be accepted from current freshman, sophomores, and juniors in Yale College only (if you are currently a senior and have a million-dollar script for the show, please contact and and we can discuss matters).

1. Fill out the application questionnaire below.

2. Write a proposal – either a detailed plot summary or outline of scenes for a silent film. Please include at the top of the document a succinct summary and estimated length.

3. Save your resume (no experience is required!) as a pdf.

4. Submit items 1-3 by email to by Saturday, April 21st, 2017.


Yale Symphony Orchestra

2017 Halloween Show Proposal Application





1.    List your extracurricular commitments for Fall 2017

2.   What is the extent of your film experience, if any?

3.   What is the extent of your musical experience, if any?

4.   What genre best describes your proposal?

5.   Is there anyone you hope to collaborate with? Is there anyone you would absolutely not collaborate with? (You can be candid, this is confidential!)

6.   What do you hope to gain from the 2017 Halloween Show?