From Valerie Norton, PC ‘87

I’m so excited to see this page and to hear about a reunion in 2015-16! Powers that be, PLEASE don’t have it in February. I know that’s a popular month for this kind of thing, but it really is tough for alums coming from far away who have to struggle with weather delays and canceled flights.

As for me, I’m a doctor in San Diego, but I still play viola all the time, mostly for fun but occasionally performing at local venues with my string quartet.

There are so many people I’d love to see at the reunion: Margi Kugelman, Owen Young, Hilary Metzger, Sarah Hundley, Bruce Nichols, Melissa Ward, Susan Crawford, Sharon Yamada, Teresa Lin, Nina Evtuhov, Nina Crawley, Judy Becher, Erika Kerekes, Anita Ayerbe, Will Pritchard… I could go on and on.